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H-4 (H4) Visa Information

Overview of H4 Visa

Family of (Spouse and unmarried children under 21) of an H1 visa holder are eligible to get H-4 visas to live in US. There is no additional qualification required for H4 visa. The duration of H4 visa is the same as H1B visa of the principal.

H4 visa holders are not allowed work in US and are also not eligible to get a Social Security Number. H1 Visa holders can get drivers license and get and tax payer id for tax purpose.

H4 visa holders can apply for other nonimmigrant such as the F-1 (student Visa). H4 Visa applicants can apply for employment, get H1B visa and legally work in US.

H4 visa can be obtained at local US consulate office in  applicant's home country. If the applicant (H4 Visa applicant) is already in the US, then H-4 visa can be obtained by filing Form I-539.


  1. Completed Non-immigration Visa application Form DS-156
  2. Completed Form DS-157.
  3. Application visa fee original receipt issued by HDFC bank.
  4. Copy of interview appointment letter which you got at the time of setting appointment with VFS.
  5. I-797 form (H 1B approval notice)
  6. Letter of employment from the company you work for with stating your salary. The letter should be on official letterhead
  7. Past 2 paycheck - This is not required but can help
  8. A Letter addressing Consulate requesting the visa for your dependent.
  9. Copy of relevant pages of passport : Notarized (Make sure that you have the copy of the page with current valid visa.)
  10. Copy of the Marriage certificate : Notarized
  11. Marriage photographs
  12. Marriage invitation card
  13. Bank statement and papers of any other assets such as stocks
  14. Passport of dependent

If any documents are not in English then get them translated in English and get them notarized.

Do not give original documents unless they are absolutely required, only provide copies. However, you should carry original documents with you for the Visa interview.

Please contact an Immigration Attorney for any specific question or your can ask on a question on the discussion board on this site.