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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
6/15/1659 Aurangzeb was declared as the Emperor of India at Red Fort Delhi.
6/15/1659 Aurangzeb declared as the Emperor at Delhi.
6/15/1899 Roy Chowdhury Devipasad, modern Indian sculptor and painter, was born.
6/15/1907 Narayan Ganesh Goray, freedom fighter and socialist, was born at Hindala (Maharashtra).
6/15/1908 Stock Exchange of Calcutta was opened of Baldeodas Daduawala and Overened.
6/15/1937 Kumar Shri Indrajitsinhji, cricketer (Indian keeper in 60's), was born in Jamnagar.
6/15/1947 All-India Congress accepts British plan for partition of India in New Delhi.
6/15/1948 Rajah Annamalai Chettiar, famous musician, social worker and Governor of the Imperial Bank of India, passed away.
6/15/1949 Uloor S. Parmeswara Iyer, famous poet, writer, editor and literature, died. He was 72.
6/15/1953 Internal Air Route Corporation of India was established.
6/15/1960 Bardwan University was established in West Bengal.
6/15/1966 U.S. resumes full economic aid to India and Pakistan.
6/15/1969 Dr. Darashaw Nosherwan Wadia, great pioneer in Indian Geology and professor in development of geo-scientific research in the country, passed away at New Delhi at the age of 86.
6/15/1982 Supreme Court rules that all children, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to public education.
6/15/1986 K. K. Tarapore, cricketer (Test for India 1948), was killed in a motor-scooter accident.
6/15/1988 Dalai Lama recoganised the rights of China in foreign affairs and Army Operations in Tibet region.
6/15/1990 Punjab Government returned gold and other valuables seized from Golden Temple during the 1984 Blue Star operation to SGPC.
6/15/1991 About 50% of the 180.3 million electorate cast their votes in the final phase of Lok Sabha elections.
6/15/1991 General Election (10th) of India ends. In this election Indian National Congress won.
6/15/1993 PM Narasimha Rao visits Oman; India and Oman decide to give each other MFN status.


Other Historical Dates and Events
9/20/1997President K. R. Narayanan inaugurates the first Dr. Ambedkar Law University in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
7/24/2000The trial in the Rs. 133 crore urea scam resumes after about one year in the special court for CBI cases in New Delhi.
5/6/1971India refutes allegations that it has meddled in Pakistan's civil war.
12/17/1987Bhopal court orders the Union Carbide to pay Rs. 350 crore as interim relief to 1984 gas victims.
2/18/1999Ramakrishna Hedge, Commerce Minister, launched the India Brand Equity Fund (IBEF).
7/20/1990GOI notifies restrictions on liberal import policy announced earlier. The restrictions will cut the import bill by about Rs. 1000 crore.
1/8/1993FERA restrictions removed, resident Indians allowed to keep as much as $500.
10/24/1851First official telegraph line was opened between Calcutta and Daimond Harbour spanning 33.8 km.
11/3/1986Dr. Indrachandra Shastri, versatile in Sanskrit and Pali, died.
1/10/1839Tea from India first arrives in UK.