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Bollywood Trailers

Boksi Ko Ghar

The plot follows a journalist investigating a village woman accused of witchcraft, attempting to uncover the truth behind the false accusations.
Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudayum Hridaya Hariyaya Pranaya Kadha

Across three different time periods, a man stages a play to win the heart of his infatuation, Sumalatha, only to face disapproval from her father.
Je Jatt Vigarh Gya

Daler, whose neck fall on the right side when he's angry, His life took drastic turn when he tries to bring His Pregnant sister back home .
Nach Ga Ghuma

Follows the lively duo - the woman of the house and the house help, and how their love-hate relationship unfolds in a humorous drama.
Deyaler Desh

Boishakh discovered deadbody in the hospital morgue. Boishakh had a love affair with Nohor seven years ago. After the death of his beloved, the boyfriend stole her deadbody from the hospital and fled, and started a journey to living for 24 hours with her.
Guruvayoor Ambalanadayil

A young man who is set to get married but due to a web of unforeseen bad luck and circumstances, he marries a woman who hates him and has to suffer her wrath over it.
Prathinidhi 2

Chetan (Nara Rohith) aka Che is a fearless and honest journalist. He works as a freelance journalist after his challenging upbringing and then gets appointed as the CEO of the NNC channel.
Poppay ki Wedding

A modern era boy visits hometown for his sister's wedding, soon discovering his own proposal finalized with a girl he's never seen. Fighting against the family customs, his only mission is to at least see the face of his future wife-to-be.

One day, a man named Murukan comes to the town, and he is in search of someone. As part of the search, he tries to connect to Thamara as he knows she has some solid information about the person he wants to see.
Ramana Avatara

Ramana Avatara is touted to be an entertaining comedy with rib-tickling humour. It hints at Manish Rishi portraying the role of Rama, who wants to stop people migrating from his hometown.