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Lost Indian Passport


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If you lost your passport you will need to fill up few documents and also also need to lodge a complain with the police.

Application for a duplicate passport is normally not accepted by mail except with prior approval of the Consular Officer.

Application must be submitted with the following documents:

i) Application Form For a New Passport, Declaration in the form must be notarized

ii) 7 photographs (colour, front facing, 2" X 2"). One photograph to be pasted on the application and notarized.

iii) Personal Particulars Proforma

iv) Police Report about the loss of passport

v) Copy of lost passport

vi) Copies of school certificates/ birth certificate/ Indian driving license / ration card/ Election Commission I.D./ employment letter/ any other photo-identification from India (whichever available)

vii) Letter from school / college , if student

viii) Proof of residence in USA from the date indicated in the application such as copies of utility bills and copy of lease deed of house/ flat occupied/ bank certificate/ insurance policy

ix) Copy of Green Card/ Employment Authorization Card, as applicable. The Consulate may demand to see the original.

x) Letter on plain paper explaining the circumstances of loss of passport.

xi) Fee of $ 125 for duplicate passport.

xii) Applications for duplicate passports are normally neither received nor passports dispatched by post. The applicant has to be present personally before the Consular Officer while filing application for a duplicate passport except when the applicant is residing very far from the Consulate. In such exceptional cases, the photograph and signature of the applicant must be notarized on a separate sheet of paper and it should be certified by the Notary Public "Seen the person and signed in my presence". In such exceptional circumstances only, mail back charges will be accepted. No self addressed envelope necessary. Fees for passport + mailing charges can be paid together through one Money Order or Cashier's Check or in cash at the counter.

How much time will it take for the issue of a duplicate passport ?

Duplicate passports are issued only after receipt of clearance from the original Passport Issuing Authority. It may take 2-3 months or more.

What can you do if you have lost your passport and have to travel to India urgently due to an emergency like serious illness or death in the family ?

A short validity passport can be issued if you make a specific request, in writing, addressed to the Vice Consul, explaining the emergency and submit all documents required for issue of duplicate passport with proof of emergency and two sworn affidavits in the prescribed form from Indian nationals resident in USA, duly notarized, certifying that they know you and that you are an Indian citizen (copies of relevant pages of the passports of the two persons giving the sworn affidavits to be enclosed). Such short validity passports can be issued to only those who have submitted copies of their lost passport. In all other cases, only an EC (emergency certificate also know as "one way travel document") can be issued.

Will the short validity passport be extended for full validity subsequently on receipt of clearance from India ?


What are your responsibilities when applying for a duplicate passport ?

You should furnish full, accurate and truthful information in the form. Misrepresentation of facts may result in denial of passport facilities. Applications received with incomplete information will remain unprocessed. A duplicate passport may not be issued for the second loss/ damage of passport. Habitual losers of passports may be denied further passport facilities.

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