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Actress Payal Goga Kapoor will now be seen in the play Jai Shri Ram (Ramayana) after Mumbais play Social Media

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Talented actress and daughter of well-known actor Goga Kapoor, who has performed in all kinds of plays, Payal Goga Kapoor has worked mostly in plays, some films and some serials and has taken her talent to a different level. She likes stage show and live response from the audience of the play, due to which she worked more in plays and some people also called her 'Drama Queen' (Theatre Queen). Just last week she had a super hit show Hindi family comedy drama 'Social Media' (Bachke Rehna Re Baba) produced by Ruhi J Abbas and written by Sanjay Jha. In which she has become Vindu Dara Singh's wife.There are many shades of Payal's character. Payal Goga Kapoor says, "The show was houseful and the audience loved it and hence, we are going to perform it all over the country and abroad. There is a lot of variation in her character and I have loved performing it."

This week is the show of Payal's new play 'Jai Shri Ram(Ramayana)', presented by Puneet Issar and directed by Siddhant Issar. Payal says about this, "It is a two-and-a-half-hour show, in which the entire Ramayana is shown. In this, I play the role of Soorpanakha, sister of Ravana, but it is a different character. I look normal and beautiful in this and not a scary demon with big teeth. I am a good and slightly different kind of Surpanakha. Barring a few people, no one has a long role in this."

Payal Goga Kapoor had an Urdu play 'Daagh O Hijaab' with Shahbaz Khan, which also aired on Zee Theater channel on Thursday. Before this, she has worked in many films, serials and ad films. Now she will soon be seen in two web series. Regarding her future plans, Payal Kapoor says,"Now I am going to focus my full attention on films and serials. I want to maintain my identity as a good artist in the future also and I want to make my parents proud and always want to do good work and good karma


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