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Historical Event on 7/24/1993

Vajpayee elected leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/9/1998Kirit Raval is appointed Solicitor-General of India.
5/9/1998Rana Sangram Singh, King of Mewad, fought Babur near Kanwa at Agra and lost the battle and died thereafter. He had vowed not to enter Chittogarh without a victory.
7/21/1994The Supreme Court declares that SC/ST will lose status on migration to other states.
9/28/1984First floodlights lit ODI between India and Australia held outside of Australia at New Delhi.
4/26/1920Srinivas Ramanujam, famous Indian mathematician, passed away at Chetpet in Madras.
11/27/1907Harivanshrai Bachchan, famous Hindi writer and poet, was born at Allahabad.
3/23/1923Hemu Kalani, revolutionary freedom fighter, was born at Sukkur, Sind. He was held for removing of fishplates which caused derailment of British Wagon.
6/20/1921Tilak University was established.
8/9/1788Gulam Kadir removed the eyes of Shah Alam 2nd, King of Delhi with a knife.
12/20/1993Bangarappa expelled from Congress for 6 years.