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Historical Event on 4/10/1937

Shridhar Vyanktesh Ketkar, creator of Maharashtra Gyankosh and Sociologist, passed away.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/1/1858Her Majesty Queen Victoria was no longer amused with the Company's loss of control, and India came directly under the Crown of 'Princes, Chiefs and People of India'. Britain Government took over administrative powers from East India Company to rule India.
9/17/1885Keshav Sitaram Thakrey, journalist, social reformer and historian, was born.
11/29/1961First cosmonaut of the world, Yuri Gagarin of Russia, came to India.
8/11/1908Khudiram Bose was hanged on this day in Central Jail at Mujaffarpur, Bihar at the age of 19 years. He along with Prafulla Chaki had planned to bomb the carriage supposed to be carrying Kingsford, unfortunately he was betrayed and was caught and finally was sentenced to death and hanged. This day is observed as ""Martyr's Day"" in memory of the great freedom fighter. Even today the soul stirring songs composed in his honour are sung by Bengali folk-singers.
3/25/199631st Gyanpith award presented to M.T. Vasudevan Nair at Trivandrum by Dr. Karan Singh.
1/12/2000Dr. Gurudev S. Khush of the Manila-based International Rice Research Institute wins the Wolf prize for Agriculture for the year 2000.
2/19/1992Shridhar Narayan Bendre, famous painter, passed away.
2/8/1993India and Spain sign four agreements as the Spanish PM, Felipe Gonzalez, began a two-day visit to New Delhi.
2/2/1930Vasudev Govind Apte, editor and dictrionay creator, passed away.
2/10/1982K. R. Meher-Homji, cricket wicket keeper (one Test, one catch, no stumps), passed away.