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Transition to Virtual Classrooms while Work From Home

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Contributed by : Yaseen Khan
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This shift into digital lecture rooms is the culmination of the past weeks' efforts to save COVID-19 from entering college populations and spreading to nearby communities. Cancellation of university-funded international traveling plans for seminars and conferences, a complete stop on the international ban and spring break. Halting studying abroad programs and also stopping all registrations.

More and more are directed towards using "zoom" that is disrupting the curriculum creating havoc especially for teachers and professors who are not fond and equipped to browse through managing online classrooms with the aid of a microphone and screen.

Multiple instructors are having technical difficulties, the problem with WiFi, or were without a doubt panicked over the possibility of teaching the overall elegance over the new platform. With college IT services focusing efforts on imparting professors with how-to webinars on the use of on-line systems, individual pupil needs for these same services have been located on hold.

While the initial shift online has created a flurry of chaos, there are advantages to a virtual study room. Where college students can continue collaborating in dialogue sections and lectures without riding the subway for an hour, avoiding the tension of using public transit or being in other incubators like classrooms, public bathrooms, and cafeterias.

And also keeping in mind the cybersecurity threats working from home.

Transition to virtual learning

To make things more easy and attainable. Alpha Data partnered with Cisco, who are providing an easy gateway to virtual classrooms.

The idea is to provide as much support for students and teachers both alike so they can study and teach remotely without any help. Multiple courses and IT needs for parents who can assist their children in continuing their studies.

The resources being offered are for:

School Teachers
School Students
School Parents
Higher Ed Faculty
Higher Ed Students
Education IT Admin

For Teachers, they can plan and coordinate:

Virtual class lesson plan
Prepare students for a remote class
Facilitate group projects virtually
Top ways to reach students at home

Students can "sit-in" on a class whilst nursing common flu or cold or any allergic reactions that is of the season, however, which could make students a target of serious threats or violence.

People have located immense remedy in not having to pay for Lyfts to campus. In some situations, on-line teaching might not even have an effect on student behavior or learning. Studies have shown that medical college students examine and perform equally in live versus recorded lectures, and these outcomes are reassuring at a time like the COVID-19 outbreak.

Apart from that,

Webex for Parents:

This is where parents will be given virtual on one conference with teachers and FAQs which are dreading them regarding their child's educations career.

Webex for Faculty:

Tips to keep remote students engaged
Virtual solutions for your teaching style
How to host a virtual class

In Webex solutions, students and teachers will benefit while working from home and studying from home through virtual classrooms. Ease of access where you can continue studying and teaching while staying in quarantine.



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Transition to Virtual Classrooms while Work From Home
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