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Tax Due Dates for October 2022 --- October 2022 (Money)
October 11Employees who work for tips - If you received $20 or more in tips during September, report them to your employer. You can use Form 4070.October 17Individuals - If you have an...
Mukesh Makker
Dealing with Payments and Deposits in QuickBooks - October 2022 (Money)
If you're still doing your accounting manually, depositing checks and cash that come in from customers takes a lot of work. You probably wait until you have several payments to deposit to minimize you...
Mukesh Makker
Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans - October 2022 (Money)
Many people find themselves in situations where they need to withdraw money from their retirement plan earlier than planned. Doing so, however, can trigger an additional tax on top of any income tax t...
Mukesh Makker
Federal Tax Obligations During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - October 2022 (Money)
The most common type of bankruptcy for individuals is Chapter 13, which allows individuals and small business owners in financial difficulty to repay their creditors. Often, it is a last resort for wa...
Mukesh Makker
Closing a Business for Good - October 2022 (Money)
If you're a small business owner who is thinking about closing your business for good, you should be aware that there is more to closing a business than laying off employees, selling office furniture,...
Mukesh Makker
Business-related Travel Deductions - October 2022 (Money)
Business travel deductions are available when employees travel away from their tax home or principal place of work for business reasons. With inflation on the rise, business travel is more costly than...
Mukesh Makker
Lending Money to a Friend? It Pays To Plan Ahead - October 2022 (Money)
Lending money to a cash-strapped friend or family member is a noble and generous offer that just might make a difference. But before you hand over the cash, you need to plan ahead to avoid tax complic...
Mukesh Makker
Use These Strategies To Pass on Wealth to Heirs - October 2022 (Money)
Individuals with significant assets should take advantage of proven tax strategies such as gifting and direct payments to educational institutions to transfer wealth to heirs tax-free and minimize est...
Mukesh Makker
Cash Management Tips for Small Businesses - October 2022 (Money)
Cash flow is the lifeblood of every small business but many business owners underestimate just how vital managing cash flow is to their business's success. In fact, a healthy cash flow is more importa...
Mukesh Makker
Understanding Marginal vs. Effective Tax Rates - October 2022 (Money)
Understanding marginal and effective tax rates is important for tax planning purposes; however, many taxpayers don't fully understand the differences. Let's take a closer look:Marginal Tax Rat...
Mukesh Makker