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Please note THE POWER OF ONE by Smt. JAYA ROW occurred in past.

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THE POWER OF ONE by Smt. JAYA ROW by Asian American Resource Center- City of Austin in Austin

Charming oration which transforms complex Vedic principles into brilliant management mantras is the hallmark of Smt. Row's discourses. Her expertise, wit and zeal have not only captivated audiences far and wide, but also inspired people from all walks of life to commit themselves to a higher ideal.

The whole world is a wonderful blend of diversity. No two beings are alike. Each one is unique and special. Life would be dreary if everything were identical. Yet we seem uncomfortable with differences and try to impose uniformity. We feel insecure when we come across people who look and think differently. And make enemies of them! This defeats the very purpose of globalisation. True globalisation is the ability to see oneness in the variety of different people, tap into their respective strengths and marginalise their weaknesses.

The ancient Indian sages discovered the art of zeroing in on the One behind the many. They declared the test of spiritual growth as the ability to feel one with all living beings. Yet in our experience we see differences, demarcations and multiplicity. The session explains why we see differences, takes us through the benefits of feeling one and shows the way to see unity in the diversity in the world.

The Vedas maintain, "vasudhaiva kutumbakam" - the whole universe is my family. All differences are imaginary. Vedanta takes you from ignorance to knowledge, from weakness to strength. From the stress of battling opponents to the bliss of enjoying others' joys and triumphs as your very own.

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Event Information: THE POWER OF ONE by Smt. JAYA ROW by Asian American Resource Center- City of Austin

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THE POWER OF ONE by Smt. JAYA ROW Occured in past
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This event occured in past


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